Ready for Public Transit Day?


You've taken the pledge. Now it's time to prepare for Public Transit Day!

We’re so thrilled that over 400 other South Floridians have taken the pledge to participate in Public Transit Day THIS FRIDAY DECEMBER 9TH! You’ll be in good company as you join many of South Florida’s elected leaders, including Miami-Dade County Mayor Carlos Giménez, to ride on and dialogue about transit in South Florida. This day is meant to educate locals, provoke reflection, increase empathy and strengthen our community’s commitment to improving transit together. You can contribute to the day by sharing your experience on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or on our site. We'll be synthesizing trends from the community after the day concludes and look forward to sharing what we learn.

Here is an action list to help you get ready!

1. Map your route!

  • If it’s your first time on transit, expect to have a learning experience. We encourage you to plan your route in advance, and to build in a drop of time to navigate a new experience.
  • Check out the NEW Miami-Dade Transit Tracker app – available for iPhone and Android. Google Maps also works! And don’t forget about the free Trolley systems available in many cities or the Tri-Rail app if you’re traveling a distance. Lyft or Lyft Line can help connect you to your nearest transit stop. AND they’re offering a code for new users: code MIATRANSITDAY gets you $5 off each of your first 10 rides. Head to for more detailed information on navigating South Florida on public transit!

2. Prep your engagement materials!

  • Public Transit Day is about more than just riding public transit – it’s about sharing and dialoguing about your experience with others. Tweet/post a pic of your transit experience and/or offer your thoughts using #PublicTransitDay.

3. Mark your calendar for exciting day-of events!

  • Bring your lunch and join us for Lunch @The Underline from 11:30am – 2pm. We’ll be at the Brickell Metrorail station at the county’s longest picnic table with elected leaders, colleagues and friends. We'll share good food, free ice cream, productive conversation and great music as we discuss how to strengthen Miami’s public transit system. Get $1 off your lunch at a participating Public Transit Day restaurants by showing your #PublicTransitDay social media post.
  • Be sure to attend some of the many Public Transit Day events being held throughout the city. Our community partners are offering free coffee, treats, museum admission and more all around town for public transit users. Showing your #PublicTransitDay social media post will give you access to these special deals at participating locations.

4. Help us spread the word!

Thank you for joining us in this massive community day of action!

And thank you endlessly to the incredible supporters who made this experience possible. Special love to The Miami Foundation, Lyft, Ride2MD, The Miami Center for Architecture & Design, Tri-Rail, Whole Foods and the Health Foundation of South Florida.



  • To ride Metrorail, you must use an EASY Card/Ticket, which you can purchase for $2.25 per ride at the Metrorail station using a credit/debit card or cash
  • Metrorail daily parking fee: $4.50
  • Check out these tips for riding the Metrorail
  • Discount fares are available for Medicare recipients, most people with disabilities, and local students in grades K-12 when using a Discount Fare EASY Card


  • The Metrobus accepts cash or an EASY Card/Ticket ($2.25 per ride). If paying with cash, you will need to pay in exact change using dollar bills, quarters, dimes and nickels.
  • Check out these tips for riding the Metrobus


  • The Metromover is free for all riders.
  • Check out these tips for riding the Metromover


  • Many of Miami’s cities have free trolley systems. For details and maps of a few of them, take a peek here.  


  • The Tri-Rail runs on a specific timetable – check the list here before you plan your trip, and remember to arrive approximately 20 minutes before departure.
  • Tri-Rail fares are determined based on the number of “zones” through which a passenger travels. Fares begin at $2.50 one way, and increase based on the number of zones traveled. See the link here for a map and more detailed fare listings.



  • Check out these public transit details and this map of public transportation options in Broward county!
  • Need help planning your trip? Call 954-357-8400!
  • Check out here for real time bus information.


Rebecca Fishman Lipsey