About Public Transit Day.

Public Transit Day is produced by Radical Partners and Urban Impact Lab with help from Miami-Dade Transportation & Public Works. Public Transit Day 2016 was also co-hosted by organizations and businesses that are committed to our public transit system across South Florida.  

The idea was generated as part of the 100 Great Ideas campaign on Transit, held in Spring 2016. 100 Great Ideas is a community engagement platform produced by Radical Partners. Learn more about 100 Great Ideas, and review the top ideas from the Transit campaign below.


Why Transit?

Transportation is a catalyst for improving quality of life and creating a better city because access to reliable and frequent transit makes it easy for people to connect to other people and to the city around them. That's how a sense of place develops and it has a direct impact on how people view and engage with their city. In the long run, cities with great transit provide more opportunity, equity, sustainability, economic growth, livability, safety and health.